Our Services

Personal Protection

Close Protection 

VIP Security

Executive Security Solutions Security’s Close and Executive protection specialists are prepared to safely escort and transport a client both in Switzerland and around the world. Our management team can accommodate our client’s international travel needs.

We have both male and female Close Protection operatives available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Members of this detail are highly trained individuals who qualify for these assignments.

Our team pay close attention to detail in an effort to provide security in the most protective, efficient and non-intrusive manner possibl

Female Agents / Operatives

In an industry that is primarily dominated by men, the demand for female bodyguards is on the rise. More and more celebrities, VIPs and Royalfamiliys use the protective services of women. With unique abilities, women are given a privileged position in this industry, demonstrating that they are more than competent for the job at hand.

Female Operatives have certain qualities that can provide additional value to a Close Protection team when men and women are working together. 

the high demand for female operatives is growing.
Executive Security Solution LLC strives to provide the best security personnel- male and female, armed or unarmed

Residence Security

Whether a short term solution to a temporary threat, or a full time residential security presence; Executive Security Solution LLC offers the ultimate service in home security

Allowing you and your family complete peace of mind and assurance that your family is safe, secure and remain private.

Each Residential Security service is bespoke to your unique requirements, from a single security staff conducting checks at dusk, through to a full-range Residential Security Team service.

Event Security

Executive Security Solution LLC cover all facets of event security for product launches, sports events, private parties, music tours, roadshows and business functions. 

Our event security services ensures the safety of all guests.

We understand that creating and planning a event involves many parts and we will partner with you and the organisers to co-ordinate all event security and logistical support. 

Safety Analysis 

Safety Concept

Safety is by far the highest good. Because fear for life and body and property impairs any quality of life. 

At Executive Security Solution LLC, effective protection for people, buildings and events begins with a detailed security analysis. On this a 
tailor-made security concept.
Safety concept is a concrete word behind which there is a lot of work and responsibility. It is a versatile written plan, but also a complex combination of different work steps.

Operational control and resource planning are coordinated with this security concept and an individual action plan is drawn up. Based on this an instruction is provided.

Security Driver

Providing protection on the move for you and your important clients and guests, ensuring they arrive at their destination, safe and sound:

Airport Transfers
Travelling long distances and to unfamiliar destinations
Sensitive document secure courier
High value items transport
Anti Hi-jack/Car-jacking and Anti-Kidnap security protection Transfers